The Rise of Nyarlathotep

Session 9

The Cult is Disrupted

January 25th

After the harrowing events of the previous night, both Samuel Paletta and Jacques Tabarin Dupond took some time to recuperate and relax. Monsieur Dupond was able to calm Agent Paletta’s nerves over a nice dinner of lobster bisque. Dr. Norman Addams on the other hand who’s stability was slowly slipping into madness poured over Africa’s Dark Secrets, a tome he found and became obsessed with reading. Dr. Addams learned many things, finally realizing that the rituals and symbols of the Pharaoh of Thousand Ravens had many things in common with the Cult of the Bloody Tongue. Uttered silently among the words was a name never before heard, but that made immediate sense, Nyarlathotep. In that tome, also was a ritual that would create the unholy creatures they saw the night before, shambling animated corpses that some call zombies. That evening, when Monsieur Dupond realized that Dr. Addams had not slept or ate, got him to close the book and get a few hours of sleep before they heading to Harlem. The Monsieur did notice as the book was closed that there was another business card from the Penhew Foundation, this time with a number handwritten on it.

The three investigators traveled by car to the JuJu House, to hide in the abandoned pawn shop to observe. They discussed what to do, trying to string previous revelations together, to determine the best way to disrupt the cult ritual that was planned this night of the Eclipse. The investigators then saw Silas N’Kwane open the door for Mukunga around 12:30 AM. After about 10 to 15 minutes they then heard a rather heated discussion in Nandi of which no one understood, obviously between the Silas and Mukunga which ended with the English phrase uttered by Silas of “the ritual must go on.” About 15 minutes later, cultists started to arrive at the JuJu House. The surprising thing was that although this is an African cult, not all of the cultists were Black. A half of dozen or so were white men, one of which they recognized, a Dr. Mordecai Lemming. Dr. Lemming was a false lead, a fraud, maybe he was just keeping the police intentionally off the right track. After about 1:30 AM, no more people showed up. Only then did Samuel Paletta and Dr. Norman Addams hear some very faint drumming begin.

Listening to their inner drives, Dr. Addams and Monsieur Dupond muttered something about “this is France all over again” and decided to head into the JuJu House with Agent Paletta who felt compelled to rescue the sacrificial victims. While Sam used the JuJu House to call the police, later calling Lt. Martin Poole convincing him of the seriousness of the situation, which the local dispatch just didn’t get. He then lit any lanterns he could find. While this took place, Jacques and Norman traveled downstairs to the room in the basement. Along the walls, most of the grotesque masks that they noticed last night. In their place they saw clothes. They knew that participating in the ritual did not end well for them, so this time they just observed. Cracking open the door, they saw the ritual over hours gain in fervor and intensity. At one point, Mukunga took the lion claw on his arm and marked the two victims, scratching their chest to make them bleed. As they waited for the police to arrive, Dr. Addams reflected more and more on the tome he read, realizing more about the creature in the pit that the two victims were going to be fed to. The Chakota is a child of the Bloody Tongue, who eats those that are given to it in sacrifice. It, as it has no gender, eats the husk of the body but keeps the souls intact for eternal torture. Those souls then manifest on it’s tentacles forever in torment. As the two victims were just about to be fed to the Chakota, the police bust in led by Agent Paletta. In the initial moments of chaos, Monsieur Dupond ran up to the winch that was used the heavy stone lid to the pit of the Chakota and cut the rope to keep it from opening quickly. Sam Paletta ran to intercept Mukunga, but was a fraction of a second too late. Mukunga was able to moments before he was shot at point blank range with a shotgun, lift his scepter to the sky and chant the name of Nyarlathotep among other words in Nandi. Above the investigators, the ceiling began to crack and a huge worm serpent with only one wing coming out if it’s spine fell to the floor. Then the chaos truly began. Police and cultist screamed and ran, some being eaten before they could do either. In the midst of one policeman being consumed by this Hunting Horror, Dr. Addams was able to free and get the two captives to safety. Mukunga, though not afraid of the creature that he summoned, decided the best course of action was to run. Agent Paletta fired again, hurting him even worse, but he was still able to stay conscious. Monsieur Dupond fired a shot which took Mukunga down. Jacques ran from the room, grabbing the scepter as he went by. As the room began to empty, the creature from beyond began climbing it’s way out as the lighted lanterns fell to the ground below setting the place on fire. As it did so, it grabbed Agent Paletta with it’s tail. Sam fought to get free, but as the creature got to what was left of the first floor, swung Sam against the wall causing him to go unconscious. As the creature few into the darken sky, Jacques and Norman stood out in the snow, watching their friend rise into the sky and be dropped into the Hudson not being able to say a thing. The magnitude of their investigations hitting them full force in the face. As their resolve strengthend, it was time to travel to Shanghai to see if Jackson Elias’s notes about Jack Brady were true ….


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