The Rise of Nyarlathotep

Session 8

Uncovering the Mysteries of the JuJu House

January 22

Samuel Paletta got a call in his hotel room from Carl Stopper. Mr. Stopper had spent the day casually asking questions and was able to find out a little bit of information for the intrepid investigators. He found out that there are weekly meetings on Wednesdays at the JuJu House. Having found out about one from the previous night on the 21st. There were rumors of a large gathering that Saturday night which the investigators knew would line up with the impending Solar Eclipse. These meetings were late at night well after midnight. Carl Stopper also mentioned that while he was having a drink at Fat Maybelle’s that people were talking about that every month a couple of people go missing in Harlem.

Later than evening, Samuel Paletta gathered Dr. Norman Addams and Jacques Tabarin Dupond together to discuss what they were going to do. They knew that the JuJu House held further secrets, but wasn’t sure the best way to approach them. Agent Paletta had reflected on the previous cases of murders that as the investigators now know are all linked the Cult of the Bloody Tongue. What Agent Paletta hadn’t drawn a conclusion about previously was that all of the murders, with the exception of Jackson Elias had their spleens and livers removed.

January 23

Dr. Norman Addams after a restful night was able to reflect better on the previous night’s discussions and realized that during the time of the supposed reign of the Pharaoh of a Thousand Ravens, it was common place for spleens and livers rather than lungs or hearts to be removed from a dead person and embalmed in clay pots along side the mummified remains of the deceased. Samuel Paletta called Martin Poole to discuss the case. Lt. Poole was able to tell him that they were getting reports of a couple of folks from Harlem go missing every month, which in of its self isn’t that odd, but that they often go missing the same day. At the end of another day of discussion, the investigators finally break the impasse of what to do, but scouting out the JuJu house Friday night before the great ritual that was expected on the night of the Solar Eclipse.

January 24

Samuel Paletta decides that he is the best one to sneak into the old abandoned pawn shop next door to the JuJu House. Getting inside wasn’t too difficult, but unlocking the back door took some effort, especially since he did not want to make it look like it was tampered with. He looked around the place and though his was not the only footsteps, he saw no nefarious signs of cult rituals taking place. More than likely the foot prints were from squatters. While this was happening, Jacques Tabarin Dupond was on look out and followed Agent Paletta into the pawn shop. Dr. Norman Addams on the other hand stayed in the car in case of something went wrong. Agent Paletta discovered that the pawn shop will now be a great vantage point for the next night to view any activity.

Jacques Tabarin Dupond got impatient and while Samuel Paletta was getting the back door of the pawn shop back into a condition to look locked, and stepped out into the alley to investigate the JuJu House. The lock was simple and easily picked. As Monsieur Dupond walks into the JuJu House, he saw nothing out of the ordinary. As he walked past the register counter, his footsteps briefly sounded hallow. Pulling up the rug, he noticed a trap door underneath. Opening up the trap door led to a wooden stair case that led down into a makeshift basement. Agent Paletta follows him down shortly afterwards and they both discover rows of wooden masks and empty hooks. At the end of the staircase and a short hallway, there was a stone door. With effort, Monsieur Dupond was able to get the door unlocked without anyone knowing the door was opened. Inside a large room lined with drums, they heard the faint sounds of muffled crying in what looked like a large well covered with a stone slab on a winch and also some shuffling sounds from behind some curtains. Monsieur Dupond ran up to get Dr. Norman Addams but Agent Paletta’s curiosity got the better of him and looked behind the curtain.

Behind the curtain were four decaying human bodies tilting back in forth in constant repetition. As soon as they see Samuel Paletta, their eyes brighten up and begin to shamble out towards him. Agent Paletta unloaded into one of the zombies, barely hurting it. As Dr. Norman Addams and Jacques Tabarin Dupond came down the stairs they see two zombies bite into Agent Paletta. Monsieur Dupond shouts out “What are these creatures you have disturb?” Receiving no answer from Sam, he fires at a zombie seeing the bullet barely harm it. The Doctor pulls out his sword from his cane slashing a zombie wide open. Agent Paletta says, “Maybe we should leave” and backs away. The other investigators decide to tempt fate and continue attacking the zombies. Dr. Addams was tempted by a book title he saw in the alcove behind the zombies and just couldn’t bear leaving a copy of Africa’s Dark Sects behind. After realizing that bullets weren’t hurting the zombies, and that Monsieur Dupond’s smashing a zombie into a drum and Dr. Addams’ sword were more effective, Sam Paletta ran upstairs, grabbing the first weapon he could find, a spear. With renewed vigor, he speared two zombies after Norman encouraged him, “Dead God, Sam, hit him with pointy end.” After a brutal few minutes, the investigators are able to defeat the unholy undead. Dr. Addams peruses the book in the alcove, while Agent Paletta and Monsieur Dupond decided to investigate the muffled screaming from the well. Even with the winch, it took both of them to get the stone slab raised. Then the screaming just got worse. It shook the Doctor to the point where he was shaken badly. Inside the well was a massive blob of tentacles with human heads at the end of each tentacles that were all screaming in agony. Sam just unloads his gun at it, doing absolutely nothing. Monsieur Dupond decides to throw a bunch of lantern oil down at the creature causing it much pain. It then starts to climb out of the well at which point, the investigators slam down the stone slab and run.


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