The Rise of Nyarlathotep

Session 13

Burning down the Warehouse

March 3rd

The investigators decided to split up in the morning to cover more ground. Thankfully, it was daylight and nothing horribly nefarious went wrong. Phillip Gibbs and Dr. Norman Addams went back to the Shanghai Museum to try and catch up with Dr. Mu Hsien, a specialist in Occult Chinese lore. Dr. Addams was too spooked from his dream to get Dr. Mu to open up. They met up with Mr. Mao who was coordinating an exhibit of 4 terra-cotta warriors that were discovered recently from the end of the Warring States period. Mr. Mao mentioned that a few odd and mysterious artifacts were also found which were given to Dr. Mu to investigate.

Mentioning the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan, caused Dr. Mu to show a brief moment of fear. Talking as one academic to the other, he was able to get Dr. Mu Hsien to trust him some. The investigators were able to learn more about the Order of the Bloated Woman. The order has existed for a couple of thousands of years, but as they found out talking to other scholars, resurfaces in strength from time to time. Dr. Mu was able to confirm that they are resurfaced in the strength in 1917 and have gotten stronger since. Though he does not know the significance of that date and it escaped Dr. Addams brain. They are a violent cult known for cutting the arms off of victims and letting them bleed to death. Dr. Mu believes that the woman that the cult worships is in fact worshipped in different forms through out the world thought that connection is not widely suspected. He believes that to summon their goddess, the Order of the Bloated Woman needs to poison or rapture the sky. Many instances of rapturing the sky in works attributed to the Order correlate with astronomical events. Dr. Mu also informed the investigators that the “odd and mysterious” artifacts were not that mysterious to him. They were figurines of the Bloated Woman and the oldest known version of the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan. This excavation took place in 1922 and may open up more secrets of the Order of the Bloated Woman. Dr. Mu told them that if they are planning to poke the hornet’s nest, that they should not contact him ever again at the museum. They were to leave a message for Mr. Feng Wu-pei at the Shanghai General Delivery.

While more information from the Shanghai Museum was acquired, Jacques Tabarin Dupond and David Whittaker went to Ho Fong’s Main Warehouse to investigate it more. They watched as a load of textile crates were unloaded and saw that there were few opportunities for entrance. There were the main doors to the offices and large warehouse doors that appeared only to be opened when product was being unloaded. They also noticed guards, heavily armed guards. There were a couple carrying Tommy Guns, the rest carried pistols. Mr. Whittaker noticed something odd though. A skiff was noticed to being carrying a couple of small crates which then went under the warehouse. When it came back out, it was missing those two crates. After spending the morning and afternoon observing, Mr. Whittaker and Monsieur Dupond headed back to the Astor Hotel to inform the others of what they learned.

Late that night, the investigators stole a boat and headed under Ho Fong’s Main Warehouse to find the secret opening. Monsieur Dupond discovered that there was a paper lantern with oil and lots of greasy rags in the boat. They floated past the guards that walked right over them but failed to look down. It took them awhile, but found a small enclave was not under the warehouse, but rather under the offices instead. Two 3’ by 7’ doors were discovered which were clearly designed to be opened from the inside. The investigators then discovered that they needed the boat both to have someone go create a distraction and stand on the boat to attempt to open up the doors. Phillip Gibbs volunteered to swim out and sneak past the guards with the lantern, oil, and rags. Many years of needing to sneak around to get the story paid off. Mr. Gibbs was able to get up to the street level and around to the south side of the warehouse. It took a few minutes to the fire started and by then, two of the guards just rounded the corner of the building from the north. They started shouting and firing off shots. One stayed to deal with the fire that was just started, the other ran off after Mr. Gibbs. Mr. Gibbs had a head start, but the Chinese guard was able to keep up only for a few minutes before he collapsed along a side of a building breathing heavily.

Meanwhile David Whittaker was able to unlock the doors from the outside through a novel technique that he learned as a private detective needing to get into places people didn’t wish him to be in. They crashed opened, but the fire obviously created a big enough distraction to make it unnoticed. The investigators climbed up into a storage room that housed many smaller and a couple of large crates. Jacques Tabarin Dupond with help moved one of the crates to block the door from the storeroom that led into the main part of the warehouse (now on fire). Rifling through the crates they discovered paintings of disturbed and horrified minds, grotesque artifacts from China, Polynesia, and Australia, and a large stone statue of a nude woman with the giant head of a fish. Dr. Norman Addams was able to discern most of the artifacts, but the statue of the fish woman was the most intriguing because that cult is not known around the Pacific Rim, but rather from the Atlantic coastlines. There were six crates only labeled with “AP” on each side. When these were opened up, all were mechanical parts to something that was not at all obvious. Dr. Addams knew something was familiar, but couldn’t place it until he accepted the truth of his dream with Nyarlathotep and realized that these are all parts to the rocket he was shown as part of the end of the world. The investigators decided to take one crate of parts to investigate, the others were dropped into the ocean or left to burn. Though they needed to get out quickly, Mr. Whittaker decided that it was imperative to find out more information, so he quickly ran upstairs and rifled through ledgers and papers rapidly grabbing what seemed of interest. He also broke into a locked safe finding a great deal of money, quickly stuffed into his pockets. In those ledgers were references to items shipped to and received from the Penhew Foundation (London) and Ahja Singh (Mombasa).


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