The Rise of Nyarlathotep

Session 12

Dream haunt the investigators

March 1st

Jacques Tabarin Dupond noticed a shadow from the past, a former soldier from Military Hospital #5 who was there to witness the attempt by a cult to summon The Pharaoh of the Thousand Ravens. It took a few moments, but Monsieur Dupond recognized Phillip Gibbs. Mr. Gibbs moved to Shanghai to escape the horrors of the past only to have them resurface again. His curiosity got the better of him and began asking questions.

David Whittaker went to visit Isoge Taro to discuss Ho Fong’s Warehouse in greater detail. Meanwhile, the other investigators decided to investigate the The Fire on Chin-Ling Road. They traveled by rickshaw down to the Garden of the Purple Clouds of Autumn. The garden was surrounded by an 6 foot wall of well carved granite. Inside were three buildings, one of which was only slightly burned, the other two were destroyed. The bushes, trees, and gardens were also obliterated by the fire. The found out that the fire appeared to the monks as a dragon of fire that leapt from one building to the next. One of the dead scholars tried to escape and the dragon consumed him. They found out that Jack Brady had been asking the dead scholars about the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan. Shortly afterwards, another man came by asking about the previous man, and it was after he left that the Garden of the Purple Clouds of Autumn. The monk after being reassured by Jacques Tabarin Dupond that he wasn’t insane, also divulged that one of the scholars pointed Jack Brady to the Shanghai Museum.

The investigator arrived at the Shanghai Museum late in the day. The museum was full of exquisite Chinese potter, screes, statuary, and scrolls from pre-Manchu era of China. After a few minutes of looking at the collection, they are approached by Mr. Mao, the assistant curator of the museum. He informs them after they inquire about the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan, that they should speak of one of the scholars at the museum that focus on the occult. He gave them a list 6 scholars. Only Dr. Tang was in the building when they show up. He wasn’t able help much given that he is a scholar of Shang turtle shell divination. Dr. Tang directed them to talk to Dr. Wu or Dr. Yuan.

Being stymied and not able to talk to any more scholars, the investigators left the museum after leaving messages to Dr. Wu and Dr. Yuan that Dr. Norman Addams would call upon them on the morrow. They traveled up North to the Shanghai Musuem, where Phillip Gibbs along with Dr. Addams and Monsieur Dupond scoured the library for other newspaper articles that were similar to the fire at the Monastery. They found a fair number (two or three a year) that had suspicious or weird occurrences of fire. One in particular stood out, a boat from Wang Exports sank. Shortly afterwards Ho Fong bought up Wang Exports and now had access to a sizable textile exporter.

The night of March 1st

After a long day, the investigators went back to the Astor Hotel, while Phillip Gibbs went back to his house near the British Embassy. Mr. Gibbs slept peacefully, Dr. Norman Addams and Jacques Tabarin Dupond did not.

Monsieur Dupond had the following dream:

“You see a Caucasian sorcerer chanting in Chinese in front of an alter of an 8’ tall bronze statue of a bloated tentacle woman. You then see Jack Brady sleeping and then begin to shake, sweat, and scream. You then zoom into his mind, and see a naked Chinese woman trapped in a glass box with seven glass sliding openings. You see a box of gigantic Shanghai rats on top. You see one of the glass openings being slid open and the rats begin to chew on the woman who can’t move but screams in horror and terror. You hear the man say “Look upon them my dear and try to find it within yourself to be more cooperative. Is Jack Brady worth such a devotion.” The last thing you see as you wake up with sweats, is the dream zooming away from a giant estate and then fading away. You’ve never seen the estate, but it is still familiar.

You wake up clutching the token given to you by the old Chinese doctor."

Monsieur Dupond woke up shaken, but realized that he might have seen something very useful. Being awake, he went through his suitcase of artifacts, discovering that the partial scroll to contact the Pharaoh of Thousands Ravens was missing.

Dr. Addams had the following dream:

“You fade into black and begin walking down a sandy road. You see Arab men walking along side carts, clearly on their way to the market. It feels odd, like this might not be the 20th Century. You see an encampment up ahead. Ravens circle overhead. You enter an encampment, Beduin perhaps, and feel compelled to walk up to a tent. The flaps open of their own accord, and you see a cloaked man sitting on pillows being fanned by three scantily clad Arab women. He speaks in a husky deep voice.

‘Dr. Norman Addams – you and your friends are fools if you think you can stop me. Your last attempt was a temporarily set back, but this time, my fingers have reached across the globe.’

He then pulls back his hood and you stare directly into his eyes. What you see is horrible. You see a rocket filled with explosives flying over an ocean blowing up. You see a bloated tentacle woman laughing manically. You see a desolate landscape, littered with aboriginal people, that zooms into an ancient, non-human city. You see a great temple in Africa, with black people shouting the phrase Bloody Tongue over and over.

As you slump over in fear of the powerlessness of the task, Nyarlathotep just laughs. The tent becomes pitch black except for a faint glow around the god. He then opens his cloak and out come horrific creatures that look like hybrid of anglerfish and piranhas with tendrils and stalks trailing off of it.

You wake up screaming. Realizing that you are clutching a piece of an ancient parchment that was found over 7 years ago on the battlefield of the Great War."

Dr. Addams did not fare well, he now longer believes that intellect can understand the world around him. It is too vast and too much. He was so shaken by his inadvertent communion with Nyarlathotep that he started drinking brandy with his morning tea.

March 2nd

The investigators went back to the Shanghai Museum to talk to Dr. Wu and Dr. Yuan. Dr. Wu’s speciality was on Taoist and Buddhist summoning scrolls. He knew of the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan and that they date from the Qin Dynasty in 221 B.C. He then suggested that they talk to Dr. Liu and Dr. Zhou. They talked next to Dr. Yuan who mentioned that the last reference that he knew of sunk on a boat of pirates in 1826. The pirate in question was a former first mate of Cheung Po Tsai. Many of the pirates of many eras seemed to have been followers of the Order of the Bloated Woman, including the fearsome Fukien pirates. Cheung Po Tsai when he changed allegiance to the Chinese government in 1810, was hunted down pirates, especially those that were part of the Order of the Bloated Woman who he thought was an abomination against his goddess Tin Hau. He then recommended talking to either Dr. Zhou or Dr. Mu. Dr. Zhou gave them information about the Order of the Bloated Woman who has been worshiped in one form or another since at least the end of the Warring States period. Apparently there seems to be a resurgence of the cult in recent years, but Dr. Zhou doesn’t know any specifics. They talked briefly with Dr. Liu but she just confirmed everything else everyone said. They tried to talk to Dr. Mu, who a couple of people recommend, but he was too busy. Dr. Addams just didn’t have the strength of mind to convince him. Maybe another day.


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