The Rise of Nyarlathotep

Session 10

Off to the Stumbling Tiger Bar in Shanghai

Starting off in New York, our intrepid adventurers were joined by David Whittaker who was hired by Erica Carlyle to investigate the rumors that members of the infamous Carlyle Expedition my in fact be alive. She had invested interest since Roger Carlyle was ruled legally dead and she was declared the sole heir to the Carlyle fortune. He had worked off and on for the Carlyle executors for almost a decade. Mr. Whittaker was originally hired in 1918 to investigate the debaucheries of Roger Carlyle after he moved back to NY after spending three years getting gentlemen’s resignations from a succession of prestigious universities and began spending large amounts of money. Suspicions focused on an East African woman by the name of Nichonka Bunay that Mr. Carlyle appeared to be seeing exclusively. Nothing concrete could be determined, other than her name appeared to be a nom de plume. Miss Bunay did accompany Mr. Carlyle on the expedition.

Mr. Whittiker noticed on the train ride across the United States that there were two crates labeled Fong’s Exports guarded at all times by one of two men, Chien Ho Fan and a Caucasian, both of whom spoke Chinese. Both crates were loaded onto the same boat that the adventurers were taking. Monsieur Dupond paid for everyone to have nicer accommodations which no one was silly enough to refuse. It made the voyage significantly more comfortable. A few times that any one got sick, they were tended to by the Ship’s Doctor. Monsieur Dupond began reading one of his tomes, People of the Monolith beginning his decent into understanding of the Mythos, but also into madness. Then the Professor got curious and read it too, making connections that Pharoah of a Thousand Ravens is just one aspect of a monster that has had many forms through history and time. Could the Cult of the Bloody Tongue be one of those aspects? Clues to lie back home in London.

February 25th

They arrived in Shanghai after a very long trip that saw them both in Honolulu and Hong Kong. Mr. Whittiker almost had his firearm confiscated, but Monsieur Dupond stepped in and was able to get it waved through as his bodyguard. After checking into a hotel in the International Quarter, they headed to the Stumbling Tiger Bar. There they met Fergus Chum who was very reluctant to talk, but they found out that Jack Brady is still alive and still in Shanghai. Professor Addams bought a drink for a German ex-pat from Cologne and stuck in Shanghai. David Whittiker followed Isoge Taro and made a connection after hearing a conversation referencing Jack Brady. Fergus slipped Monsieur Dupond a note to meet him at midnight outside the British Consulate.


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