The Rise of Nyarlathotep

Episode 23

The battle concludes

April 17th

After the obelisk came crashing down, the investigators had a moment to think before all chaos broke loose …. again. Dr. Norman Addams had a moment to remember part of their plan that he had forgotten about. When he last saw Willow, he had told her to take her truck and come crashing onto the island after she heard and saw an explosion. In the distance they heard the crashing of the gatehouse with a truck barreling in their direction. When Jacques Tabarin Dupond went to go check to see if David Whittaker was still alive, he discovered him missing. Deciding then to just shoot the lesser god that was lumbering after him instead. Though his bullet hit, it didn’t hurt the lesser god much. The god in turn swung one of his tentacles at Monsieur Dupond only to have it bounce off a magical field caused by the amulet. Then Monsieur Dupond ran towards the truck.

Dr. Addams on the other hand was attacked by a shadowy tongue, realizing too late that although he summoned the Jackal of Anubis, he didn’t actually have control over it. He then tried to gain control, which caused enough confusion in the creature to let go, but ultimately, he did not gain control and the Jackal of Anubis attacked again as he tried to flee towards the truck. Sadly, Dr, Addams fell unconscious and was eventually suffocated to death by the creature.

Monsieur Dupond wanted to save the kind Doctor, but realized to do so would have likely caused his death, because all the while these events were taking place, Edward Gavigan was chanting a spell. When the chanting stopped, a purple frothy portal opened up and a creature with the body of an ape but with the head of an giant ant came out and landed on the truck. This creature, grabbed poor Willow and ripped her out of the car, killing her in the process. So while this hideous creature was eating an ally, the Jackal of Anubis was suffocating Dr. Addams, Monsieur Dupond jumped into the truck, turned it around, and sped the hell off the island. He made it to his Lady Friend in London, scared and not sure of the next steps.

…… And here ends the London Campaign.


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