The Rise of Nyarlathotep

Episode 22

Deciding the next order of business.

April 15th

After hearing of Mickey Mahoney’s death, David Whittaker decided to act like he was part of the police investigation and get into his office to look around. He found some nice cigars (that he pilfered) and some 20 year old Scottish whiskey. More importantly he found a locked cabinet drawer with files of stories that were incomplete or even too outrageous to print in the Scoop. Many had Egyptian themes, including ancient beasts supposedly running through London. He also found a number scribbled next to the telephone. When he called it, he got the librarian at the Penhew Foundation.

April 16th

Dr. Norman Addams began researching the Jackal of Anubis in detail. In the process he found out two important things, one is that if summoned into bright light, it would send it back to the Egyptian underworld from which it was spawned or summoning a gate to another dimension would work as well. He found a possible summoning spell, but didn’t have the money to purchase it.

David Whittaker and Jacques Tabarin Dupond spent some time researching where the attacks took place and how long between attacks. From the information they have, it appears that the Jackal of Anubis, once satiated, attacks every 4 to 5 days. It also appears to often be targeted attacks. Monsieur Dupond also visited his lady friend in the city, restoring some clarity to the chaos swirling around him. Monsieur Dupond also spend a good amount of money on some dynamite and an elephant gun which he is now legal to carry in England.

April 17th

Willow Rosenberg, secretly meets up with Dr. Norman Addams and gives him a copy of the summoning spell he needs. Most importantly with the name of the jackal itself. She said that she got it from some library, when in fact she snuck into the Penhew Foundation and stole it.

Jacques Tabarin Dupond also finally decided to find out what the two magical scepters did by touching them together. Well, it gave him power, magical power, as well as, power to defend from magical attacks. From that power, it spurned an idea. So he cast one of the spells from the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan and created a dimensional portal to the island off of the North Sea where they thought the rituals were being held. Most of the investigators got beat up horribly by traveling through the portal, Monsieur Dupond just slipped closer into madness.

The investigators landed on the island in dusk. As they approached stealthily towards the obelisk, they noticed a couple of guards, one of whom had a tommy gun outside the house. They also noticed that a ritual was being formed where a small horrific god was raping women strapped to the obelisk in a ritual being performed by the High Priest. Another god was being summoned from the tip of the obelisk and slowing crawling down to partake of the women itself. Dr. Addams decided to in fact to summon the Jackal of Anubis to cause a distraction and it began to feed on the guards. Mr. Whittaker then in a raw moment of glory took out pistols from his cloak and shot both demon gods to distract them while Monsieur Dupond snuck up to the obelisk and set his sticks of dynamite to blow. Then the god that Mr. Whittaker actually hurt charged at him, taking a tentacle from his nose and smashing him to the ground. The other god tried to attack Monsieur Dupond, but his magical amulet protected him. Then Dr. Addams fired his shotgun at the high priest hurting him and earning his ire. Then the obelisk fell, where David Whittaker was, barely not crushing him. At this point Mr. Whittaker, on the brink of death, just faded, hoping to wake up in a much safer place. Edward Gavigan, the High Priest, then shot a spell at Dr. Addams which he absorbed with the two scepters that he got from Monsieur Dupond.


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