The Rise of Nyarlathotep

Episode 18

Not all Lawyers are evil

April 7th

The Investigators left the Shipley house in a rush, but after they awoke began discussing their adventures so far and where to go next. They met up with David Whitaker who thought their story of someone being caught in a painting as a bit far fetched.

Dr. Norman Addams met with a contact of his, a former student, one Miss Willow Rosenburg on her lunch break in the City. Miss Rosenburg was 24 and worked for a law firm, but on her free time she was a psychic detective. She had her nose into Occult London, better than some. She was a bit exuberant and though a true believer, was still woefully unknowable about the Mythos and true evil. She definitely knew a number of true and fake tarot readers, psychics, and magicians, but most pertinent to the investigators was that she had been following leads on cultists attacking people. Though not exclusively, many are of Egyptian descent. They are known for attacking with clubs with a single spike. Dr. Addams asked her to keep looking into all things Egyptian, but to be careful.

Monsieur Dupond sent off the ripped painting to be restored. It will come back with no obvious damage, the mystical nature has been ruined. Dr. Addams and Monsieur Dupond began researching how to summon Oliver Arterbury from the painting.

April 8th

Monsieur Dupond spent some money to hire a good, but discreet law firm to look into the Penhew Foundation. They discovered that their books look clean, almost too clean. The only anomalies that they found were that there were some shipments, especially to Shanghai through the Eastern Sea Shipping Company, that lacked descriptions. Given how meticulous everything else was, they looked suspicious. Plus at least one seems to line up nicely with a shipment they discovered in Ho Fong’s warehouse. But they also learned that the Penhew Foundation is the sole heir of the Penhew money and is run by a man named Edward Gavigan. For 20 years, the Penhew Foundation has funded Egyptological studies and excavations. The two most notorious that they helped fund was the ill fated Carlyle expedition and the recent discovery of King Tut’s tomb.

April 9th

While the law firm was researching the Penhew Foundation, the investigators went to the offices of The Scoop, one of the many papers of London, but one that loves to focus on mysterious murders, scandalous sex scandals, and weird events (along with the news that everyone expects). There they met Mickey Mahoney, the owner. He had met Jackson Elias and knew he was onto a story about a Cult in London that had high connections, but he went to New York and died before he got the story. Mr. Mahoney showed them some of the articles that he remembered Jackson Elias had looked at.


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