People of the Monolith

A Mythos Tome on Paleolithic Europe


People of the Monolith is a tome of essays, poetry, and drawings detailing Paleolithic cultures in Europe written by Justin Geoffry. The tome is 6 3/4" by 10 1/2" and is 104 pages long. It is bound in leather of indeterminate origin and a psychedelic geode is encased on the front cover. Looking at the geode for more than a few seconds causes your mind to lose focus on the realities of the outside world. Many of the essays are benign and appear to have credited information in them, but the more interesting are those essays that discuss Paleolithic cave art. The author speaks of what he calls a god that appears in different forms though out the art, sometimes human, sometimes a boar, sometimes a bear, but always with a raven. He refers to the god by the Man of a Thousand Masks.

This particular copy has a dedication – “To Mr. Carlyle, I hope you find these words to be as aspiring as yours were to me at our last meeting. My regards to your mistress of the blackest night.” Signed CS followed by three Chinese characters.


People of the Monolith

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