Jacques Tabarin Dupond

Wealthy French Mountebank



*Languages-4 (English, French, Chinese, +1)
Library Use-1
Mythos – 2
*Occult-3 (-1)
Assess Honesty-1
Evidence Collection-2 (-1)
Cop Talk (Military)-1
*Credit Rating-7 (-2)
*Flattery-2 (-1)
FREE on-time use of Anthropology (European) – 1

Athletics-10 (-7)
Driving-6 (-3)
Magic – 2
*Psychoanalysis-14 (-5)
Stealth – 2
Stability-12 (-12)
Weapons -2

DRIVES: Sudden Shock – my brush with the unknown has filled me with the need to uncover and understand the truth of the universe.

The Belief in the Supremacy of the Human Mind to Overcome All Things.
_My narcissism.
My secret love of the Lady Margaret Pond.

Equipment and Posessions
Walther P.38 9mm Pistol 1
Book – “People of the Monolith” (poured over) Geode on the front. Human skin bound. Written by Justin Jeffrey the Englishman. Essays and poetry about Paleolithic culture. “Creature of a Thousand Masks” reigns supreme. Always has a raven depicted. Dedicated to "Mr. Carlyle – my regards to your mistress of the blackest night " signed signed C.S. With Chinese characters.
Book – “Life as a God”
Scroll found buried in France near graveyard
Mukunga’s “scepter”
Strange Amulet from Twifik (
1 to ward off attacks)
Two strange black metal Scepters that when crossed do something horrible.


To whom may venture to read this missive, let it be known that only through confronting your pain and overcoming it can one truly obtain enlightenment. I was born a man of privilege. I did not need to concern myself with your pain and suffering, but since I was a boy I knew that I was called to higher things. I tell you know (and as you can read in my book “Unlocking the Universe of the Mind” that you are capable of so much more!

I led an unremarkable life of leisure and study, until, as many of my generation did, I answered the call to fight the Hun. I must tell you brothers and sisters, that in that muddy trench I witnessed something that forever changed me. The veil was torn aside and for a moment I glimpsed the horror and beauty of what I have come to call the “Universal Consciousness”.

Since that time I have endeavored to discover truths that have been hidden for millennia. I have only begun to unlock my own potential and if you simply submit to the process I’ve outlined in “Unlocking the Universe” (look for it at your local bookseller), and attend regular Retro-Induction Memory Sessions, you too can begin to glimpse the power which you have been denied!

Jacques Tabarin Dupond

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