The Rise of Nyarlathotep


Reanimation of Nasir

April 9th

After meeting at The Scoop, the investigators noticed two swarthy men of middle eastern descent that were in the same position next to a street lamp post as when they were leaving as when they arrived. Tired of being followed, they led them into an alleyway. Using Dr. Norman Addams as bait, Jacques Tabarin Dupond hid behind some crates. As they approached the Professor, Monsieur Dupond snuck up and cold cocked one of the cultists, knocking him instantly unconscious. The other, not yet realizing what happened, hit Dr. Addams with his club with a large tooth imbedded in it. Monsieur Dupond kicked the remaining cultist and Dr. Addams hit him with his sword cane enough that the cultist decided to run and the investigators decided to not chase after him. They got one to interrogate.

Monsieur Dupond found a deserted warehouse to drag the cultist into. They tied him up to a post with rope and riffled through his clothes. They found a few quid, a knife, and a note that read: “Follow the Professor. He has seen too much. If he compromises the Brotherhood, hill him.” – signed The Master. They then splashed him with dirty, rank water from a tub in the warehouse. He was rather belligerent, constantly spiting at the investigators. Though the investigators tried interrogating him, as the Professor speaks Arabic, they didn’t learn much. So they decided to dispatch him quickly with a knife to the throat. Then it dawned on Dr. Addams that he remembered from his reading of Africa’s Dark Secrets that many African cults believe in bringing people back to life to ask questions as their memories still subside, but are much more amiable to suggestion. Monsieur Dupond thought of opening a portal from the note to the location where it was written, but they thought the Professor’s idea was simpler. After raising Nasir from the dead, he answered their questions, but still doesn’t know who the Master is, but he was happy to lead them to some place called Tewfik’s Spice Shop where Nasir says he was given the message from an emissary to the Master.

After realizing that the shop is closed for the day, and the apartment upstairs is vacant, Monsieur Dupond goes around back and breaks into back room. He is instantly overpowered by spices that are stored back here. With both the Professor and the zombie in tow, they walked into the store proper where there they noticed a set of stairs that lead upstairs. Upstairs was clearly where the proprietor of the shop lives. The living room and bedroom were nicely adorned with couches and pillows to sit on, along with a glass cabinet with lots of Egyptian god figurines. There was also a small kitchen and bathroom. But in the living room there was a large slightly asymmetric mirror that was lined with gold trimming. The trimming was of unspeakable creatures, and men and women in compromising positions, both sexual and partially eaten. Dr. Addams though noticed a desk that appeared to be slightly bigger than it initially appeared. Unfortunately for him, it was locked. Monsieur Dupond, though, is quite proficient in opening locks of all types. This lock was not a simple lock either. They key lock, only unlocked the drawers, but after about 15 minutes of moving small wooden pieces in the desk, he was then able to open up desk top. Inside behind the drawers, was some priestly ornaments (like a robe and an ankh with a raven), two scepters made of metal that appears to not exist, and a scroll in Egyptian hieroglyphs. As they later found out, the scroll is a spell where they can change into any form, though they stay of flesh.

The investigators then decided to wait in the apartment until the proprietor returned. Tewlik al-Sayad went through the front door, not noticing that his back door had been broken into. He walked upstairs to his apartment where he was grabbed by Nasir. Though initially surprised, he gained his composure rather quick. He informed the investigators that they had angered the true god and that their duty as loyal followers to remove the thorn in his side. They told Tewlik that they want to meet the Master and want him to show up at the King’s Flagon in Whitechapel at noon tomorrow. They decide to not try and kill him, but let him go with threats. They leave noticing that he smelled of perfume and hookah smoke. There are not many places in London where one would smell like that.

The investigators leave Twelik’s Spice Shop and head back into the City where they begin trying to figure out a ritual to get Oliver Arterbury from the painting, but also to enlist all the help they can.


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