The Rise of Nyarlathotep

Episode 21

Nasir is lost in the North Sea

April 10

Arthur Farmingham who has spent the better part of the week, had a note from Dr. Norman Addams to meet him at King Richard’s Flagon. He arrived to a very irate bartender who pointed a shotgun at him and told him in no uncertain terms that he does not want anyone who knows Dr. Addams to ever set foot into his establishment again. Dr. Addams waved him over to his university car which now included an extra passenger on Jacques Tabarin Dupond lap, an Egyptian woman by the name of Yalesha. Given that Mr. Farmingham’s store was nearby, the investigators went there to discuss their next steps. Yalesha was able to tell them a little. She obviously thanked them profusely for saving her life. She had been told by a very angry Tewfik that if she did not help, she would disappear just like her boyfriend did. She was an entertainer at the Blue Pyramid where Tewfik was a common patron. She also knew that a number of members of the club went to an estate northwest of town during the darkest time of the month. Furthermore, she clearly remembered a few Europeans, one of whom visited every couple of weeks or so. She thought his name was Gavigan.

Dr. Addams had successfully hid the university car with Nasir in the trunk, but when they got back to the car that was hid in the shed, the trunk was open and Nasir was walking northwest out in the yard. Dr. Addams called him back which was rather unnerving for both Mr. Farmingham and David Whittaker. Nasir was clearly losing his humanity but was able to mutter something about ritual and an obelisk. It was obvious that he was being pulled toward something. Arthur Farmingham drew upon his vast knowledge of middle eastern occult knowledge to kill time as they traveled the streets of London to drop off Miss Yalesha and to visit Mickey Mahoney, to know that there are two common rituals. One was less sinister and could very well just be a sexual ritual which is common among cultists, especially in response to the overt repression of Victorian England. The other was something much more sinister. If these cultists of the Pharaoh of a Thousand Ravens were performing a ritual at the darkest time of the month, then they were trying to gain power, lots of power to summon something. The next new moon is April 23rd.

They get to The Scoop where Mr. Mahoney was happy to see the investigators, and even more happy when they gave him a bit of a story about a police coverup regarding the murders of Egyptian nationals. They needed him to see if could snoop and see if Edward Gavigan had any properties, especially anything in the country.

Monsieur Dupond couldn’t handle any more stress and after talking through the horrors he saw, and not being able to do anything with his own nightmares went to a hotel to sleep. Unable to sleep, he began studying the mythos tomes he had acquire hoping to gain secrets to reverse the damage that had been done to him by the sorcerer Tewfik.

April 11th

Jacques Tabarin Dupond continued his research and was able to heal the boils upon his skin, but did not find what he wanted regarding a spell to reverse his age. His only two leads were a) summoning an entity to ask or b) find the spell that was cast upon him and use it. He also found a psychiatrist at the London Psychiatric Hospital who was willing for the right price to talk him through his horrors. He was given a very strong narcotic from a vile labeled Plutonian. Told to only drink it when you truly need to forget.

Arthur Farmingham began researching obelisks and discovered in the last 50 years, 5 Egyptian obelisks have been imported into England. One is the famous Cleopatra’s needle who’s twin stands in NYC, two others are in museums, one is unaccounted for, and one came to London via the Carlyle Expedition.

April 13th

Mickey Mahoney was able to get back to Dr. Norman Addams with some information regarding Edward Gavigan’s holdings. Though the head of the Penhew Foundation, the property is still listed under the Penhew family. What he does own are a few clubs, the most successful being the Diamondback in Soho. He also appeared to own the deed to a 17th Century estate, once owned by the Royal Family, as of a few years ago. It is located along the North Sea not far from Harwich.

Later that day, the Investigators hopped into the Dr. Addams’ University car with the undead Nasir in the front seat helping lead the way. They passed the turn off to the estate and Nasir became increasingly agitated. Once even pounding on the dashboard until they turned around. The road to the estate traveled past a number of farms and was dusk by the time they arrived. The estate was on an island and could only be reached by the one road over a levee where there was a guard house with a solitary guard. David Whittaker noticed that there were a couple of row boats along the island and the marshy sea would not allow a boat any bigger to reach that island, maybe one of the islands further out. Dr. Addams then decided to send Nasir to the guard house where Nasir attacked the guard and ate him. A Chinese man a tommy gun and an Egyptian man carrying a shotgun came from the manor and shot the zombie into tiny pieces finally breaking the spell that Dr. Addams cast. They then spent the night at an Inn in Harwich.

April 14th

That morning at the Inn over a wonderful breakfast of bangers and mash, Dr. Norman Addams asked the innkeepers about the local environment. He found out that the estate was indeed inhabited by a wealthy man from London who spends some time, but not a lot of time there. At least once a month there are parties there, but it brings in money to the local economy, so not much is said. If they want to know more, check at the local pub for a man named John Drayson, a bearded hired help for the farms that feed into the estate.

They went back to London where Dr. Addams began researching the specific obelisk that was brought back from the Carlyle Expedition. He discovered that it appeared to have a poem that praised the Pharaoh of a Thousand Ravens and talked about the sacrifices of his enemies on the darkest of nights. It appeared to be taken from a tomb of some type.

April 15th

David Whittaker discovered from the latest issue of the Scoop that Mickey Mahoney was found outside less than block from the newspaper offices. The medical examiner in the article mentioned that he appeared to be suffocated, but no witnesses saw the attack and his body was only found in the morning. Jacques Tabarin Dupond took the news hard, not because he particularly remembered who he was, but rather that his death was exactly like his almost death due to the Jackal of Anubis.


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