The Rise of Nyarlathotep

Episode 20

The Jackal of Anubis attacks .....

April 9th

After leaving the shop of Tewfik al-Sayad, they heard him scream in anger. Jacques Tabarin Dupond then looked up as Dr. Norman Addams started the university’s car. He noticed that there was some shimmering and light being reflected, and realized that it was coming from the mirror in the apartment. There was another man reflected, a white man, in that mirror. Then it went blank. Dr. Addams then drove off to meet up with David Whittaker at the King’s Flagon, but every time he stopped the car, he heard the baying of a dog, wolf, or jackal. When he stopped outside of the pub, he heard just silence. Dr. Addams was on high alert and saw the Jackal of Anubis. Though he had to delve into his vast occult knowledge, dipping slowly more into insanity to learn that the Jackal of Anubis is an assassin sent by Anubis and his father, the Pharaoh of a Thousand Ravens, and can only be dispelled briefly with intense light, but only destroyed through a ritual that sends it back to the plane of existence it came from or killing the person who is summoning it. Neither Mr. Whittaker nor Monsieur Dupond saw the hound coming. It is a 2D shadow about the size of Bengal Tiger and it’s tongue lashed out and began suffocating Monsieur Dupond. Mr. Whittaker stares at it in horror, stunned for a few seconds while the jackal kept suffocating Monsieur Dupond, but before it could kill him, Dr. Addams ran over to the car and turned on the headlights. The Jackal of Anubis then released the Frenchman, but let out a scream of pain that was truly horrible. The investigators then went inside the pub and drank to forget the events of the day.

April 10th

The investigators went to a hotel to stay together, though Monsieur Dupond stayed up most of the night trying to figure out what the two scepters were. All he could figure out was that they must be touched together while utter the phrase “oh great Osiris, grant me power,” a common magical phrase. He fell asleep at the desk with the scepters in his hand.

In the morning, they discussed what they wanted to do next. It was resolved that though they suspected that no one would show up at the King’s Flagon, that they would go anyways. David Whittaker would go there early and scout out the place. He arrived a little after 10 in the morning before there were any patrons. Mr. Whittaker noticed an odd occurrence. A table that wasn’t there the night before, was in the room. What became odd was that as patrons began coming in for lunch, no one sat at the table. No one. When Monsieur Dupond, along with the Professor, got there, Mr. Whittaker slipped them a piece of paper about the table. The Frenchman and the professor then decided to sit at that table. What became even odder was that they disappeared out of view when they did so, but it was busy, so Mr. Whittaker just assumed he lost sight of them briefly.

Then, just before noon, a cloaked figure walked in, though not as imposing as one might think being called “The Master.” Mr. Whittaker filched their purse, noticing that it was a she, a rather beautiful, young middle eastern woman. In the purse was a couple of guineas, but also a limestone circle about 2 inches in diameter with a ankh on one side and pyramid on the other. Dr. Addams and Monsieur Dupond then had a conversation with “The Master,” but soon realized that she was sweating, almost like she was nervous about something. She eventually mouthed the words, “help me. I swear I can help you.” Then suddenly the table began morphing into the body of Tewfik al-Sayad who then cursed at the woman and shouted “Sharmotah.” Mr. Whittaker, and only him, noticed that the sorcerer was not alone, and there were three other cultists taking out their signature clubs from underneath their coats. He got off a shot without anyone finger him, other than the cultist he shot. Monsieur Dupond saw Tewfik chanting and did a flying rugby tackle, which likely saved the Egyptian woman’s life, because Tewfik’s anger then was focused on him. Then likely the scariest thing, Monsieur Dupond has ever seen happened. The sorcerer’s eyes turned black and then tendrils came out of them and attached themselves to Monsieur Dupond’s forehead. Instantly, he felt the life being sucked out of him and within 30 seconds aged 8 years. Monsieur Dupond was barely holding on to reality. Dr. Addams then took his sword cane and cut the tendrils, freeing the Frenchmen from certain death. Mr. Whittaker then shot a cultist in the head, killing him instantly. Then the two remaining cultists hit Dr. Addams, who promptly killed one by slicing his throat. Mr. Whittaker took a shot and killed the last one. Then Monsieur Dupond took out his revolver but couldn’t hit Tewfik very well, once being deflected by a magical amulet. Then the sorcerer casted some horrible spells back at him. But Tewfik was killed after sword hit by the professor and shot by David Whittaker. Then the woman ran into Monsieur Dupond’s arms, thanking him profusely for saving her life.


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