The first adventure is going to take place in France along the Aisne river in the year 1918. The Third Battle of Aisne was one of the last German offensives of WW1 attempting to end the stalemate before the Americans threw their entire weight into the war effort.

All players will be soldiers or medics in this battle and can be any of the variety of nationalities that could be theoretically present. British, anyone from a British control territory (Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Australia, etc), Americans, French, or even a captured German soldier could be present. Other European nationalities would work too, Spanish, Belgian, Russian, etc. With some creativity even a character from the Ottoman Empire or even Japan could work.

Injured in the onslaught of German forces on May 29th, you figured you were the lucky ones having escaped capture and sent to the nearest Military Hospital. You then learn that you are being transported in rickety Ford Trucks to Military Hospital Number Five which soldiers whisper is a good as a death sentence. You might even be an unlucky Doctor or Nurse sent to usher these soldiers onto another life ….

As shells start falling around your convoy, you may not even make it to the hospital ….


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