Player Notes

Player Notes:

If you don’t feel like you have enough information, look for more clues and talk to more people. The reverse is also true. If you know enough to carry on, do so.

Though this is not going to be a Purist campaign and will lean toward Pulp, you will go insane and/or die. Enjoy the process. Go out with one heroic or tragic moment. Let your success or failure live in infamy. On the other hand, victory will be attainable and I want to give the possibility, no matter how slim, that if the investigators are smart and a little lucky, they could make it alive to the end of a campaign arc and maybe the entire campaign if we get that far. Minor adversaries will be generally defeatable, Mythos creatures much less so.

Make contacts, either through Pillars of Stability or through the use of Interpersonal spends. Consciously have characters take notes and send them to your contacts, so when you die or go insane, that information isn’t lost. Gives your new investigator a logical place to get back into the main story.

The campaign we are running, Masks of Nyarlathotep, assumes that one investigator will know the rest to assemble them into a team to investigate a mystery. So we will start off with a prequel to act as an introduction to both the system and the mysteries of the Mythos, and act as a way for all the characters to have already met, even if many years previously. This adventure will be a little less deadly than the main campaign.

The initial batch of investigators will be created together. If the party wants to be combative, then someone(s) will need healing skills. Everyone should have at least 1 rank in shooting. Interpersonal skills are invaluable especially Flattery and Reassurance. If you need to escape by car from a Shoggoth, yes, you could use driving, but you could also flirt your way into getting someone else to drive the car with a point spend. Library Use is critical, so is Stealth. Should be good at either Athletics or Fleeing. Health and Stability max out at 12.

Everyone will get 18 points to spend on Investigative Abilities. Remember that Abilities included in your Occupation benefits by getting 2 points for every point spent. Everyone will get 65 points to spend on General Abilities.

Everyone gets the following Abilities free at the beginning of the game. 4 Sanity, 1 Health, 1 Stability, and 1 Cop Talk. All characters start off with the lowest Credit Rating score listed in their Occupation. You can increase it to the maximum listed by spending Investigative points.

Languages: Everyone speaks their native tongue for Free. If you aren’t English speaking, you will need 1 point in Languages to speak English. If your character concept, like an Egyptologist, requires specific languages to make sense, then take them. Otherwise I recommend leaving Languages undefined until they are needed in play.

Player Notes

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