Samuel Paletta

an agent of the Bureau of Investigation; now deceased


Health: 9
Sanity: 9
Stability: 9

Investigative Abilities
Accounting: 1
Architecture: 1
*Assess Honesty: 2
Bargain: 1
Bureaucracy: 1
*Cop Talk: 3
Credit Rating: 4
*Evidence Collection: 2
Forensics: 1
*Interrogation: 2
Intimidation: 2
Language: 1 (English, Italian)
*Law: 2
Locksmith: 1
Outdoorsman: 1
Reassurance: 1
Streetwise: 1

General Abilities
*Athletics 10
*Driving 6
Filch 4
*Firearms 10
First Aid 7
Scuffling 4
*Sense Trouble 8
Shadowing 6
Stealth 5
Weapons 1

Drive: Duty

Pillars of Sanity:
Helping Those in Need
Moral Code

Colt 1911 .45 ACP pistol (on person)
Winchester 1912 12-gauge (stored in car)
Thompson M1921 submachine gun (stored in car)


Samuel Paletta, Italian father and Irish mother, was a year into Harvard Medical school when the United States joined the Great War. Unable to stand by with his country calling, he quit school and volunteered for the Army. Due to injuries sustained in May of 1918, he was sent back home where he returned to Harvard. However, having seen enough gruesome bodies, he did not return to medical school, but instead joined Harvard Law. Upon graduation he became licensed in New York, but instead of opening a practice or joining a firm, he was recruited into the Bureau of Investigation to help combat the growing power of the prohibition era mafia.

He met a tragic end while leading a raid into a cult suspected of a string of murders throughout New York.

Samuel Paletta

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