Jackson Elias

Journalist of Death Cults


Injured in France on a train ride to the Orient has to heal at Military Hospital #5 where he meets Dr. Norman Addams and Phillip Gibbs. He then travels to India where along with Dr. Norman Addams goes undercover into a Thuggee Death Cult. The subsequent book becomes his best seller. In India he meets up briefly with Samuel Paletta who was visiting Bombay on vacation with his Uncle who gets Mr. Jackson and Dr. Addams out of a legal jam with local authorities.

Jackson Elias was 38 of medium build and height, and dark complexioned. Likely had Native American blood in his ancestry. He was feisty, but friendly. Having been an orphan in Stratford, CT, he learned quickly to make his own path in life. He has no living relatives, just a few friends in case of emergency.

He quickly became obsessed with researching death cults and it became his life’s work. All of his books illustrate how cults manipulates the fears of their followers and that no magical or supernatural forces are necessary of which he has never found any evidence for. All of his books are very well researched, often from first hand accounts, but he is incredibly secretive and doesn’t discuss a project until a final draft is handed to his publishers at Prospero Press of New York City.

His books are:

Skulls Along the River (1910) – exposes headhunter cult in Amazon basin.
Masters of the Black Arts (1912) – surveys supposed sorcerous cults throughout history.
The Way of Terror (1913) – analyzes systematization of fear though cult organization.
The Smoking Heart (1915) – first half discusses historical Mayan death cults. The second half instances present-day Central American death cults.
Sons of Death (1918) – modern-day Thuggees; Elias, along with Dr. Norman Addams inflitrated the cult and wrote a book about it.
Witch Cults of England (1920) – summarizes covens in nine English countries.
The Black Power (1921) – expands upon The Way of Terror, includes interviews with several anonymous cult leaders.

Jackson Elias

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