David Whittaker

a private-eye hired by Mrs. Carlyle



*Accounting: 2
Architecture: 1
*Assess Honesty: 4
Bargain: 1
Cop Talk: 2
Credit Rating: 2
Evidence Collection: 1
Interrogation: 1
Intimidation: 2
Language: 1 (English, Shanghainese)
*Law: 2
*Locksmith: 3
Outdoorsman: 1
*Photography: 2
*Reassurance: 3
Streetwise: 2


*Disguise: 6
*Driving: 6
Filch: 4
Firearms: 9
First Aid: 5
*Fleeing: 8
Preparedness: 4
*Scuffling: 8
Sense Trouble: 5
*Shadowing 6
Stealth: 5

Health: 9
Sanity: 9
Stability: 9

Drive: Curiosity


David Whittaker has worked off and on for the Carlyle’s for a number of years as a private detective. Mostly finding out about rivals or mistresses or rival’s mistresses. When several gentlemen came asking some fairly odd questions about Mrs. Carlyle’s late brother, it piqued her interest…at least enough to hire him to see if there was anything to it.

David Whittaker

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