The Rise of Nyarlathotep

Session 4

Death of Jackson Elias

The adventure began on January 2nd, 1925 when Dr. Norman Addams received a telegram from Jackson Elias telling him that he found some new details in relation to the Carlyle expedition, to put together a team of investigators, and to meet him on January 15th at the Chelsea Hotel in New York City. As it turns out Dr. Addams was in NYC on a fellowship with Columbia to guest lecture on Linguistics for a couple of months.

Though Dr. Norman Addams lost contact with a couple of investigators that he met during the Great War, he maintained a long term correspondence with Jacques Tabarin Dupond who he was pleasantly surprised to find was in town meeting with the publisher of his book, Prospero House, who also publishes the books of Jackson Elias. After contacting Monsieur Dupond, Dr. Addams telegrammed a Federal Investigator, Samuel Paletta that he met in India in who helped him get out of a “little legal issue.” He also met up with a Dr. Craven, a specialist in Egyptian history, and enlisted his help. Some time elasped until Jackson Elias contacted Dr. Addams to tell him to meet him at Chelsea Hotel that night at 8 PM. He sounded nervous and frightened.

The investigators arrived at the hotel deciding to climb the stairs as the British Professor was unnerved by modern technology. They knocked on room 410 where Jackson Elias was staying, but heard no response. While Jacques Tabarin Dupond and Samuel Paletta were sidetracked by a couple of lovers making out in the hallway, Dr. Norman Addams heard rustling and commotion behind the door. As Sam Paletta picked the lock and announced himself, they noticed three dark skinned men, two of which were near the body of Jackson Elias, while the third was crawling out the window to the fire escape. Seeing Jackson Elias with his intestines all ripped out was horrifying, it did not stop the investigators from doing what must be done.

Samuel Paletta fired two quick shots and took one of the adversaries down. Jacques Tabarin Dupond fought with one punching him once and then breaking a bottle and using it as a knife unsuccessfully. After he took a nasty knife slash, Sam Paletta stepped in an knocked the african knife wielding man out with a pistol whip. Dr. Norman Addams went after the man trying to escape out the window down the fire escape whacking him solidly with his cane across the skull. He tries to run down the step, successfully at first, but eventually trips up long enough for Dr. Addams to catch up with another whack of his cane that sends the man over the edge unto the pavement below. Sam in his role as a Federal Investigator interrogated the man he knocked unconscious to force him to slip up and mentioned a name, Mukunga. Monsieur Dupond noticed out the window an immaculately dressed black man who tapped his cane three times. Three minutes later, the witness began developing pus pimples which eventually exploded and the flesh fell to the ground while the man screamed “sorry” until he died.

All the bodies were searched, and the investigators found a number of documents that Jackson Elias had collected. Some were obviously references to the fact that he seems to have stumbled upon some new information concerning the ill fated Carlyle expedition to Egypt in 1919, like the letter from Egypt to Roger Carlyle, but others like the matchbook from Shanghai were much more obscure. There were also two business cards, one to an Emerson Imports located in New York City and the other to the Penhew Foundation in London. Also found was a letter to Jackson Elias from a Miriam Atwright about a book and a lecture flyer by Professor Anthony Cowles.

Jacques Tabarin Dupond discovered that the men that killed Jackson Elias and in turn were killed were East African. Later after meeting Martin Poole, he also realized that the symbol carved in Mr. Elias head had been seen before. It clearly matched a tattoo upon one of the cult members who worshipped the Pharaoh of a Thousand Ravens back during the Great War. Samuel Paletta actually builds up a great report with Lt. Poole, the detective assigned to this case. He learns from the detective that this is the 9th murder like this. All have been disemboweled and had the symbol carved in their heads. They were all white and male, but no other obvious connections. He also grabs up all of Mr. Elias’ papers. Dr. Norman Addams convinces the detective that he wants Jackson Elias’s personal effects to give to his family. An obvious lie, but it is bought. Dr. Norman also calls about the lecture they saw a flyer for. It took place, two days ago on the 13th, but the visiting professor from Sydney is currently teaching at Miskatonic University in Arkham, MA.


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