The Rise of Nyarlathotep

Session 16

An Artist in Bethnal Green

April 3rd

It was a long trip from Shanghai but Dr. Norman Addams decided to relax by visiting one of his old contacts, one Arthur Framingham, owner of East End Occult Books in Whitechapel. It was an old place, full of books and articles of knowledge. Walking in felt liked walk in to the late 1800s. They were talking about current events and about this odd artist that had a galley show in the City and that a few prostitutes seem to have gone missing. Though no bodies have been found, people are talking about the Ripper and the Curse of King Tut. Then in walked an artist, a painter by trade, who had bought a painting at a showing by Miles Shipley at the aforementioned gallery show. Not mean people were interested and most walked out disgusted. All of Miles Shipley’s paintings were disturbing, but one peaked Oliver Arterbury interest. It was a picture of a pyramid with dark pharaoh at the base with dead minions at his feet. In his hands was a khopesh that was dripping blood. Ravens were flying around the pyramid and above the pharaoh’s head. From one of the dead bodies out came some snakes. This painting caused Dr. Addams a shiver, because he has seen the person in this painting ….. in the war. In Military Hospital #5.

Arthur Framingham rang up on his telephone, the only modern device in the shop, an old acquaintance, one Jacob Burns. Mr. Burns has helped give insight in many of a rare acquisition. He told Mr. Framingham that he could give him a line on Miles Shipley, but they would have to meet him at the King Richard’s Flagon a number of blocks north towards Bethnal Green. When the left the bookshop, they all noticed that they were being followed. They grabbed a cab and took the long way to the pub. From Mr. Burns they discovered that Mr. Shipley lives in an old decrepit house deep inside Bethnal Green and that Mr. Shipley is known to have been seen with a couple of girls. Though that is not uncommon. Oliver Arterbury noticed after they had been at the pub for awhile, that a couple of the people they noticed earlier was staking out the pub. They asked the bartender if there was a back way, but Arthur grabbed a firepoker and Oliver took a large mug. The mug particularly served them well as they were attacked by cultists in the back alley. Dr. Addams welded his can expertly, though himself took a few good blows, and assisted by Oliver’s mug, they took out two cultists immediately. Then two more showed up that were the ones that Oliver saw up front. Arthur quickly realized that the fights in the movies aren’t like the fights in real life as he attempted to hit the cultists with the firepoker, eventually giving up and trying to grapple. It became a comedy of errors until Dr. Addams whacked the bandit unconscious. They noticed that all of the cultists were heavily scarred and that all of them had a raven branded on their forehead. Mr. Arterbury realized that he had heard of the cultists and that they are rumored to follow an ancient Egyptian pharaoh known as the Black Pharaoh or the Pharaoh of a Thousand Ravens. The cult has been in London for at least the past 3 years. Dr. Norman Addams realized that their arrival in London is known by their foes …..


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